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Hi [accessally_user_firstname], have questions … we have answers!

Can I download the videos?

You cannot download the videos.  Your access to Take Eating Back is ongoing so you simply have to log into the site to watch the videos over and over again.

What is SoundCloud & how do I use it?

SoundCloud is an audio platform that allows you to listen to what you love on your mobile (or desktop) device.  We use SoundCloud to host our audio files.

You can download the SoundCloud app (for free) to your mobile device and listen to our audio’s on the go (want to go for a walk with us?)

How do I change my password?

No worries, we forget things too (where we placed our car keys, to close the garage door, and to put money in the meter).  We cannot help you with those things … but we can help you change your password.

At the Login page ( you will see “Lost your password?”.  Simply click on the link and enter either your Username or Email address (the one you used to purchase Take Eating Back) and follow the instruction(s) in the email you will receive.

Questions … contact our Concierge and they will help you out!

How do I access the private Facebook Group?

Head over to private Facebook Group – Flexible Eating Nation – and request to join.  Once of our Admins will get back to you soon.

While you are there, also like our Facebook Page – Take Eating Back.

We are also on Twitter at @TakeEatingBack and Instagram!

Did we mention that we are very social?

What is the refund policy?

We hope you never need to ask this question 🙂  However, if for whatever reason, you are not over-the-moon about Take Eating Back you can contact us – check out the details of our Refund Policy here:

Whom do I contact if I have a tech question about the website?

We work hard to ensure that everything is working as it should … but sometimes tech breaks.  If you are having a techie type issue with the website just reach out to our Concierge – they will be happy to help you!

How do I update my profile?

On the right side of the Members Dashboard you will see your awesome photo (you did upload a photo, right) and below that you will see a link titled “Edit profile info”.  Click that link and away you go!